Monday, March 15, 2010

Diets/Way of Eating/Being Healthy/etc....

With my reduced exercise level lately (I'm working on increasing it!) I've been thinking about food a lot. Now sometimes it's just because I'm hungry and wondering what I'm going to eat next....but more often it's because I'm thinking about cleaning up my act. I know I have made steps towards that lately, stevia instead of splenda in my coffee, adding in more fruits and veggies, yummy greek yogurt for breakfast, etc... But here's where it gets tricky....a lot of what I'm seeing lately is telling me that everything that I think is healthy, really isn't. For example, many in the CrossFit community have adapted the Paleo way of eating. Paleo basically says all dairy, legumes, grains, and sugar are off limits, completely. So you get to eat meat, and veggies, and fruits and weird substitutes like sunflower butter and other oddities, but no bread/pasta/yogurt/milk. When did milk become bad for you? I'm confused! Aaaahhhh!!!

OK, so out of all of my confusion (I definitely toned it down here - there's so much more swirling around in my head!) here's what I think it comes down to for me. Everything in moderation. I will never survive with a plan that tells me "no, no, no". I'm more about the yes! So yes to veggies, yes to fruits, yes to lean meats, yes to real food, but also yes to milk, yes to hummus (oh my gosh - I couldn't live without it!), yes to vanilla greek yogurt for breakfast (yum!), and yes to a beer or 2 with friends occasionally. Basically yes to being healthy, but also yes to enjoying life and not stressing too much! :)

Aahhh....I feel better already. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

D-Town not so fun-ness...

I've been gone, and not gone as in "hooray, I'm on vacation!" gone. I was in Detroit. For 10 days. For work. In a warehouse. That's really about all you need to know about that. Not looking forward to having to do 6 more of those roll-outs this year.

In other news.... I'm slowly recovering. I think the progress is way way way too slow, but the doc seems to think I'm right on track. Time for yet another appointment tomorrow so we'll see if I get any exciting new milestones! This morning's milestone was making it through 45 whole minutes on the trainer! Yes, that's right. 45 whole minutes is now an accomplishment....I miss the days when I could ride centuries!

Oh, (and this is totally random but I need to say something about this somewhere!) I caught a snippet of The Biggest Loser tonight and was totally disgusted with it. They had a "temptation challenge", long story short they forced one of the contestants to eat 2,300 calories of almost all pure sugar in a span of about 5 minutes. Gross. Disgusting. Totally wrong. And goes against everything the show stands for....or so I thought. Does it have to be a "game" can't they just motivate and then celebrate people getting healthy??

Ok, that's all for now. This random stream of consciousness blog post needs to be done. I promise to try and be more coherent next time. :)