Tuesday, March 2, 2010

D-Town not so fun-ness...

I've been gone, and not gone as in "hooray, I'm on vacation!" gone. I was in Detroit. For 10 days. For work. In a warehouse. That's really about all you need to know about that. Not looking forward to having to do 6 more of those roll-outs this year.

In other news.... I'm slowly recovering. I think the progress is way way way too slow, but the doc seems to think I'm right on track. Time for yet another appointment tomorrow so we'll see if I get any exciting new milestones! This morning's milestone was making it through 45 whole minutes on the trainer! Yes, that's right. 45 whole minutes is now an accomplishment....I miss the days when I could ride centuries!

Oh, (and this is totally random but I need to say something about this somewhere!) I caught a snippet of The Biggest Loser tonight and was totally disgusted with it. They had a "temptation challenge", long story short they forced one of the contestants to eat 2,300 calories of almost all pure sugar in a span of about 5 minutes. Gross. Disgusting. Totally wrong. And goes against everything the show stands for....or so I thought. Does it have to be a "game" can't they just motivate and then celebrate people getting healthy??

Ok, that's all for now. This random stream of consciousness blog post needs to be done. I promise to try and be more coherent next time. :)

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RunnerChick said...

As a long time fan of the Biggest Loser... I'm going to back this one up a bit. The temptation challenges are exactly that. They are challenges. The contestants have the option to resist which is what the coaches hope and pray that they do. They are there to develop a new way of thinking... beyond will power. If they don't learn that, they will fail in the real world. As a game, every season some contestant chooses to indulge. And inevitibly feels horrible (usually physically sick to their stomach). Anyway, give it another chance. It's so inspiring on many levels.