Friday, January 30, 2009

Back in the saddle...

No really, I'm back in the saddle, bike saddle that is.... I actually made it to computrainer class last night. I was able to leave work in time, and instead of driving home I forced myself to go. I wasn't very excited about jumping on the bike, but I did and I made it through. And actually felt pretty good after the 90 minute class. It was very encouraging. I don't hate the bike, but I do think that I will cut back to 1 class/week for the next session so that I have some time to do some other things; running, lifting, yoga, etc.... I guess everyone needs to try new things every once in a while. (and yes I said try....not tri)

Just a quick message to the Fighting Illini men's basketball team....what the heck was that last night??? Seriously you could only muster up 36 points against the Golden Gophers??? You haven't lost to them in 5 years and you decide to start now??? You're making it very tough to follow you this season, please figure this out quickly so I can continue to watch games without throwing things across the room. Thank you.

I'm heading up to Wisconsin today after work, so I (and a certain other someone) can hit the slopes of Granite Peak tomorrow morning. It should be a great time and I'm very excited to have a good weekend before travel plans mess everything up for the next 3 weeks...

Have a great Friday everyone! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 things....

Ok 2 quick thoughts for right now.

1. Microsoft Vista is stupid, very stupid. That's my general impression so far after 2 days with the new laptop.

2. If the outfit you choose in the morning would also be acceptable for Friday night out in the club, then you probably shouldn't be wearing it to work.....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Broken promises...but I am trying!

So I keep promising that I will be a better blogger, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I’m blaming it on the Illinois winter, there just really isn’t anything exciting happening to blog about. But I will try to find daily tidbits of something.

One thing that may help make the blogging a little better is that I got a new laptop last night! I had been wanting/needing a new one for a while, and decided it was finally time to do it. I just don’t like keeping all of my personal stuff on the work laptop, I need some separation. So I found a great deal on a Sony vgn-cs215j, it’s white and oh so pretty. See….?? :)

In other news, something is up with me. I have always loved being on the bike, but lately I’m just not feeling it. I seem to be able to find any excuse to not do it. I don’t know what’s going on! I guess it’s a really good thing that I have put the racing on hold; otherwise I would already be way behind with my training. Maybe pushing myself through all of the indoor classes just isn’t a great idea for me right now. I’m thinking of just focusing on spending time in the gym while it’s cold, since that often seems more appealing, and then going back to the bike when I can start riding outdoors and really enjoying it again. We’ll see…

Monday, January 19, 2009


I have an announcement to make in regards to my attempt at racing my bike which was supposed to happen this year. I've been putting off accepting this decision, because it kind of sucks. Sadly, the racing isn't going to happen this year. Reason #1, my dog's surgery kind of tapped out the funds for the new race bike I needed to really do this right. Reason #2, work has me traveling a lot more and I'm not sure that I would be able to get the right amount of training to be able to confidently show up to races. And if I'm going to be a part of a team and represent in someone's kit, I want to be able to do that well and be prepared at every race. So unfortunately, now just isn't the right time.

I will work on getting faster this year though. I'm starting it off with lots of work in computrainer class. And when it gets nice out again (will it ever happen??) I will start riding with the Wheeling Wheelmen. I already ride with a bunch of the guys in computrainer classes and back during the summer at the Thursday night intervals, and they are strong! So I know it's a group that will definitely challenge me and force me to become a better rider. So that's the new revised plan.

Oh yes, and I think I may work on the whole running thing as well.... I had a pretty good run at the gym yesterday and I could almost see how running could maybe, possibly be enjoyable and not torture. So we'll see how that pans out. But no, it does not mean that I will be turning into a triathlete anytime soon.... Swimming is still hard!

New shopping fun....

The people who are behind (which has brought me such great things as new ski socks, a fantastic new Timbuk2 bag and most recently, an awesome new sweater) are really trying to get me into they unveiled, all roadie stuff all the time. Oh boy....this could be trouble for my bank account...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just plain stupid cold....

Please notice the temperature in the bottom left corner....this was taken in my car on the drive to work this morning.
(and never mind the terrible gas mileage that's what happens when it's this cold out!)

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Don't you wish you were here to enjoy this with me?? No one should be forced to go outside in this weather. I mean no one. But I did, and I'm now freezing at work wishing I was still at home all snug under the covers. Brrr.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

I know, I know...

Shame on me....I've been a terrible blog owner lately. I realize this, but ask that you forgive me and continue to check in for new posts... One day I'll find new and interesting things to write about. For today though, here is a random collection of thoughts...

Right now, I'm just dealing with snow, snow and more snow. We had tons of it here in Illinois this weekend, which resulte in lots of driveway shoveling for me. And even more exciting....we're going to have blizzard conditions tomorrow morning!! Apparently when you combine new snow and 30-40mph winds you get something that is no good. Which is going to make getting all the way to the plant in Libertyville by 7am for 3.5 hours of super exciting Union Awareness training very difficult. Here's hoping the Starbucks is open early enough!!

This past weekend was pretty tough for me. Those of you who have talked to me recently know why, and the rest of you, well sorry, this one's not for the blogosphere. But the good news is that I made it through, and I think a very good thing has come from it. Here's hoping! :)

I have apparently joined the masses in getting back into the gym for the new year after a slight break for me. I'm loving being back, but I am not loving the fact that everyone else is as well. I'm very ready for everyone else to give up on it and go back to their couch and potato chips so I can have some space again. Ok, ok....maybe I don't want them to go back to the couch and potato chips because I do think it's a good thing for anyone to get healthier, but I just wish they would stop working out at the same time that I want to!

And to finish it all off, my 3 minor annoyances for the day:
1. Apparently dust has somehow found its way into the inside of my blackberry and has settled on the inside of the screen...ugg why won't it go away!?!?!
2. Seriously, must they do really, really loud construction during working hours at my office. The sounds of driling and sawing and grinding metal are not exactly what I enjoy listening to at 8am!
3. As I sit here watching NBC's Superstars of Dance I wonder, why can't they find camera men who understand how to film dance?? Super long shots and close-ups on their faces while they are doing intricate footwork really aren't all that helpful. Oh yes, and filming from the back of the stage?? You've got to be kidding me, the dance is choregraphed to be seen from the front!! Aarrgg....someone please teach these people!

Ok, that's all :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I really should be stopped...

I should probably find a way to block my favorite new website ( because I really can't help myself. Today's purchase, a green wool zip-up hooded sweater which will be arriving at my house next Tuesday. Hooray for discounts! :)

And for those that are questioning.....of course I need everything that I have bought from this site. This is some important stuff!

Monday, January 5, 2009

And I'm back....

Yes, it's true, I'm back, reluctantly though, I might add. I had a fantastic 4 days playing in the mountains of Breckenridge. It was great to catch up with the Boortzes, but even better getting the board out again and hitting the slopes. The mountains definitely make me incredibly happy and one day I will find a way to spend lots more time out there. For now, though I just need to find ways to spend more time with the Boortz kids. Kim, Drew and I all got along great, and it looks like some trips to the DC area will be in order sometime soon.

Other than, I'm just trying to figure out a certain situation. It's always something, isn't it? One of these days it will just be easy and I guess that's when I will know that it's right.

Oh yes, and apparently it's a new year! 2009. I probably should be writing a post where I reflect on all of the things that happened in 2008 and all of the plans that I have for 2009, but to tell you the truth, I just don't have it in me right now. Maybe I'll come up with something, or maybe I won't. Honestly, I would like to see some big changes in 2009, but due to a few obstacles, I don't expect these changes until later in the year, so it seems more appropriate to talk about them then.... One goal though is to find ways to visit a lot more of you that I don't get to see all that often. And just a reminder, there is always room for visitors at my house! :)

Good night for now. I hope you all are having a great beginning of the new year!