Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gym locker room etiquette...

Ok, so I know that some people are more modest than others when in the gym locker room. I definitely fall on the side of more modesty, as I refuse to shower at gyms that have clear doors, no change areas, etc... But I definitely feel that there is a line of decency as well. Yesterday, after my swim, I encountered a woman that took a flying leap past that line of decency. So I would like to send a message to her through goes.

"Look lady, it's great that you are confident about the way you look. Fantastic, congratulations, we're all happy for you. But that does not mean that we need to see you prancing around in your lacy blue thong, and admiring your giant fake books in the mirror from all angles. Seriously, do that at home. And if you plan on changing at your locker, please do not take a locker in the main aisle way where we all have to walk past you when there are plenty of other ones off to the side available."

Ok, I feel better now. And for those that are thinking "maybe you should just not look". Trust me, that was not an option. This lady really wanted everyone to see her. She was standing in front of the sinks in a room full of mirrors checking herself out. RIDICULOUS!

On another note....last night was another night of progress in the pool. I'm learning to break my workout into sets, instead of just trying to swim for a certain amount of time. Sunday was 6 sets of 10 with an extra 6 at the end just for fun, and last night was 6 sets of 12! Hooray for progress. Now that I'm starting to feel slightly more comfortable in the water, I'm looking for a little help from all of my fishy friends. Here is your assignment: Leave a comment with the 1 thing you think I should focus on that will help me the most.

Ready, set, comment!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I learned at the Ski and Snowboard Show...

This weekend was the Windy City Ski and Snowbaord show. So my sister and I went to explore all of the fun new stuff and get her boyfriend set-up for the season so he wouldn't have to use her old stuff. I learned a few things while there.
  1. I really, really need to demo a Never Summer board at some point. They look pretty amazing
  2. Tee (Veronica's boyfriend) can be very grumpy and stubborn when hung over.
  3. I love the new Subaru Outback. Too bad I just bought a car, but congrats to Subaru for finally finding a way to make it not ugly!
  4. I will probably be purchasing a new pair of Oakleys at some point in the near future. The new Trouble frame is awesome (available Nov. 1). Ridiculously huge, but still manages to not look ridiculous. I have 2 accounts that they looked good (from people who would definitely make fun of me mercilessly if they didn't look good). Now I just have to decide if I want them in black or turquoise?
  5. I need to do more snowboarding this season! Even if it is just at the pitiful midwest resorts. More roadtrips are in order!
  6. I am recruiting people to head up to Michigan with me on Dec. 18 for 6 for 1 day at Boyne Mountain! What better reason to skip a day of work than 6 for 1 lift tickets?? Who's in?
  7. And most importantly.....the Oakley reps are hot! :) I'm still amazed that one in particular didn't talk me into buying the Troubles on the spot....although he did talk me into getting the Ravishing at the show last year. And yes, he remembered me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Toy....

Sometimes you just need to impulsively buy something for yourself. Today is one of those days. (Well actually there should also be a new fleece vest sitting on my doorstep from Sunday's impulsive purchase!)

Today's buy is a new Timex watch from I ran across someone's blog who mentioned that he had it for about 2 years and loved it, so I decided why the heck not? $25 for a watch that can record lap times (if I ever get back to running and ever go back to the track) and it can control my iPod?? Fun! So I'm in for an orange one! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At least I did it...

Well, I did it. I forced myself to swim after work yesterday. Putting my stuff in the car so I could just stop on the way home was definitely the right thing to do.

When I got there all of the lanes had people in them, and 1 guy offered to share. That made me a little nervous because I have no idea what I'm doing! But luckily another guy finished up just in time, so I wouldn't have to share. Into the water, goggles on and I started swimming. While I was swimming I tried to remember things that I hear my crazy triathlete friends talk about, but generally I just tried to swim. I have no problem staying afloat, I just dont think I swim efficiently.

I can't seem to get over how awkward I feel though. Amazing how I can feel like such a fish out of water when I'm in the water! Throughout the workout I found myself stealing glances through the window into the main gym area at all the people running and lifting and wishing I could be doing that!! Towards the end of the workout a girl in a lifeguard suit came in, and she looked like she knew what she was doing! I tried to watch and see if I could pick up anything, but all I noticed was how smooth she seemed while swimming. I feel like I am a splashing mess!

Oh well, there is only room for improvement since it looks like I'll have to continue doing this for a while. Helpful suggestions are always welcome! Otherwise I'll just keep swimming....I have no need to do it quickly yet. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Simply put, I'm frustrated. Enough is enough, my foot needs to be better now! Unfortunately though, it's not.

I was so good, I followed doctor's orders for the past 2 weeks. No running, no CrossFit, no extra walking, no barefoot in my own house, tried to sit or lean as much as I could when I worked at the bike shop, etc.... I was a good patient. And for that I should be rewarded with being all better and being able to get back to the stuff I like to do! But no, my foot has other plans.

So tomorrow I get to go to the doctor again, and tell her that it's not better yet. We'll see what new forms of treatment (aka punishment) she has in store for me.

All I know is that it means the Hot Chocolate run is out for me this year. Guess I'll have to wait until next year to get that sweet race packet with the awesome jacket. And the half-marathon is out too. So much for striking that off the list.

I have to admit that maybe it's finally time to force myself into the pool, I've been avoiding it this long, thinking I would be back in action soon enough, but that's not the case. My swim stuff is in the car....hoping I can force my car to stop at the gym on the way home...

Monday, October 12, 2009

At least it's useful...

Is it sad that that I'm pretty excited about my recent purchase this weekend??

I'm don't normally get to geeked out over cleaning supplies, but this one's pretty cool! I got all of the grout in my shower clean with very minimal effort. Thank you Sonic Scrubber!

Wow, that sounds exactly like a commercial....maybe I should think about a career change....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

And you thought you were hard core??

So today at the bike shop we had some interesting visitors. A bunch of guys from the British Army who are embarking on a large adventure to raise money for injured soldiers and their families back home. Here is their schedule for the next 2 weeks. :)

Oct. 11: Chicago Marathon
Oct. 12 - 16: Cycling from Chicago to Toronto (~550 miles)
Oct. 17: Rest
Oct 18: Toronto Marathon
Oct. 19 - 23: Cycling from Toronto to Washington DC (~800 miles)
Oct. 24: Rest
Oct. 25: Marine Corps Marathon

Yeah these guys are seriously hard core.

And did I mention that the weather report for the start of their ride tomorrow is calling for high in the 30's and rain?? Brr.... They were all stocking up on cold weather stuff at the shop today!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stupid Soft Tissue....

So the verdict is in on my foot, and unfortunately it's not a good one. Soft tissue/overuse injuries. Which means I am not allowed to do much of anything for the next 2 weeks. I can't even walk barefoot - seriously, I have to wear shoes in my house?? So no running, no CrossFit, no long walks, nothing.... I can only lift weights if I'm sitting down, and I cant do anything that causes me to exert extra force through my foot....elliptical, bike, rowing, etc... So I'm down to 1 option....swimming. Uggg. I'm giving myself at least 1 more day of this pity party before I revert back to that option.

Oh yeah, and I have to take prescription anti-inflammatorys. Just took my first one here at work and it may cause drowsiness and dizziness. Could be a fun afternoon!!

ACL report should be coming soon. I'll try! Long story short, it was a whole new kind of experience this year!